6th Conference on the Engineering of Computer Based Systems

UPB Central Library, 4th floor

Final agenda

2nd September 2019

3rd September 2019

08:00 - 9:00

Registration, 4th Floor Hall

08:30 - 9:00

Registration, 4th Floor Hall

09:00 - 9:30

Welcome message – Room 4.1.

Mrs. Ecaterina ANDRONESCU,President of UPB Senate

Mr. Mihnea COSTOIU, Rector of UPB

Mr. Adrian Volceanov – Dean of Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages, UPB

Mrs. Maria-Iuliana Dascalu – General Chair of ECBS 2019

09:00 -10:30

Security, privacy and trust in networking (chair: Ondrěj Ryšavý)– Room 4.1.

Jan Pluskal, Martin Vondráček and Ondrej Rysavy

Network Forensics in GSE Overlay Networks (full paper)

Martin Holkovič, OndřejRyšavý and Jindřich Dudek. 

Automating Network Security Analysis at Packet-level by using Rule-based Engine(full paper)

Viliam Letavay, Jan Pluskal and Ondrěj Ryšavý. 

Network Forensic Analysis for Lawful Enforcement on Steroids, Distributed and Scalable (full paper)

9.30 - 10.30

Keynote - Cristina Seceleanu, Mälardalen University, Sweden (chair:Miroslav Popovic)– Room 4.1.

Verifying Autonomous Systems as a Lifetime Sport


Official Photo - Library Hall, Ground floor

Refreshment Break- 4th Floor Hall


Refreshment Break- 4th Floor Hall


Keynote - MiroslawStaron, University of Gothenburg, Sweden (chair:Maria-Iuliana Dascalu– Room 4.1.

AI4SE: Challenges and opportunities of using machine learning and AI to improve software engineering practices


Parallel and Distributed Systems 2 (chair: Moshe Goldstein)– Room 4.1.

Mihai Carabas and Costin Carabas

Instruction caching for bhyve (full paper)

Branislav Kordic, Marko Popovic, Miroslav Popovic, Moshe Goldstein, Moshe Amitay and David Dayan

A Protein Structure Prediction Program Architecture Based on a Software Transactional Memory (full paper)


Parallel and Distributed Systems 1 (chair: Miroslav Popovic)– Room 4.1.

MaghsoodSalimi, Amin Majd, Mohammad Loni, Tiberiu Seceleanu, Cristina Seceleanu, Marjan Sirjani, Masoud Daneshtalab and Elena Troubitsyna

Multi-objective Optimization of Real-Time Task Scheduling Problem for Distributed Environments (full paper)

Miroslav Popovic, Marko Popovic, Silvia Ghilezan and Branislav Kordic

Formal Verification of Python Software Transactional Memory Serializability Based on the Push/Pull Semantic Model (full paper)


Industrial Speakers and Sponsors

(chair: Mihai Maricaru) – open session

Cognizant Softvision(speaker Răzvan Prichici)

Thread Concurrency vs Network A synchronicity: Rethinking IT Architecture for cloud-native Java enterprise applications and distributed systems

Concurrent Programming and Relational Databases: Show how to solve the async database access puzzle

ADP Software (speakers Alina-Daniela Oprea, Andrei Duma)

Druid - Close the gap between human and system. Enhancing enterprise systems with cognitive and conversational skills (speaker AndreeaPlesea)


Lunch break - 4th Floor Hall


Lunch break - 4th Floor Hall


Visit to University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest Center for Advanced Research on New Materials, Products and Innovative Processes (CAMPUS)

Official meeting with

Mr. Corneliu BURILEANU,

Vice-president of UPB Senate, Scientific president of CAMPUS

Mr. Bogdan IONESCU,

General manager of CAMPUS



Data Analytics

(chair: IosifNemoianu) – Room 4.1.

Kamil Jeřábek and OndřejRyšavý

Big Data Network Flow Processing Using Apache Spark (full paper)

Octavian Catrina

Optimization and Tradeoffs in Secure Floating-Point Computation: Products, Powers, and Polynomials (full paper)

Iuliana Marin and Nicolae Goga

Hypertension Detection based on Machine Learning (short paper)

Veronica Manescu Paltanea, Gheorghe Paltanea, Iosif-Vasile Nemoianu and Radu Mircea Ciuceanu

Scalar Preisach Hysteresis Model Algorithm (short paper)


Software modelling and design (chairs: Constanta-Nicoleta Bodea, George Dragoi)– Room 4.1.

George Suciu, Mihaela Balanescu, Carmen Nadrag, Andrei Birdici, Cristina Mihaela Balaceanu, Marius Alexandru Dobrea, Adrian Pasat and Radu Ioan Ciobanu

IoT System for Air Pollutants Assessment in Underground Infrastructure (full paper)

Andrei Vasilateanu, Alexandra Bolovan and Maria Fatu

Multi-agent System Simulation for Smart Homes based on the i-Light framework (short paper)

Iulia Stanica, Florica Moldoveanu, Maria Dascalu, Alin Moldoveanu, Paul Portelli and Constanta Bodea

VR System for Neurorehabilitation: Where Technology Meets Medicine for Empowering Patients and Therapists in the Rehabilitation Process (short paper)

Mihail Cazacu, Constanța Bodea and Maria-Iuliana Dascălu

Connecting the Dots - Promising directions for developing a robotic cybersecurity analyst (short paper)


Computer-based Algorithms and Systems for Efficiency and Optimization in RF Spectrum Detection and Estimation - special session (chairs and organisers: Simona Viorica Halunga, Octavian Fratu) - Room 4.2.

Alexandru Boitan, Razvan Bărtusică and Simona Halunga

Electromagnetic Vulnerabilities of LCD Projectors (full paper)

Ioana Manuela Marcu, Andrei Țigănuș and Ana Maria Dragulinescu

A new approach on Smart-Parking concept (full paper)

Eugen Stancu, Cristian Capotă, Simona Halunga and Octavian Fratu

Mutual Electromagnetic Perturbations-RF Measurements in the VHF and UHF Frequencies in Bucharest (short paper)

Alexandru Badea, Simona Viorica Halunga and George Luca 

Energy optimization for the low data rate IoT devices by using Manchester's coded pseudo-random sequences (short paper)


Refreshment Break- 4th Floor Hall


Refreshment Break- 4th Floor Hall


Internet of Things Applications (chair:MiroslawStaron)– Room 4.1.

Petr Matousek, Ondrej Rysavy and Matej Gregr

Security Monitoring of IoT Communication Using Flows (full paper)

Branimir Pervan, Emanuel Guberovic and Filip Turcinovic

Hazelnut - An Energy Efficient Base IoT Module for Wide Variety of Sensing Applications (short paper)


Poster session

(chair: Branislav Kordic) – open session with students

Mihnea Alexandru Moisescu, Ioan Stefan Sacala, Ioan Dumitrache, Simona Iuliana Caramihai, Bogdan Barbulescu and Marius Danciuc

Cyber-Physical Systems Oriented Redundant Network Node

Cristina Balaceanu, Ioana Marcu, George Suciu, Carina Dantas and Peter Mayer

Smart Toilet System for Ageing Well

Muhammad Shah Jahan, Muhammad Talha Riaz, Kashif, Muhammad Abbas

Software Testing Practices in IT Industry of Pakistan

Anam Amjad, Usman Qamar

UAMSA: Unified Approach for Multilingual Sentiment Analysis Using GATE


SC & PC Meeting – Room 4.1.


Closing Session and Final Remarks


Bucharest Old Center Walking Tour & Dinner

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