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Known for its wide, tree-lined boulevards, glorious Belle Époque buildings and a reputation for the high life (which in the 1900s earned its nickname of "Little Paris"), Bucharest, Romania's largest city and capital, is today a bustling metropolis.

Romanian legend has it that the city of Bucharest was founded on the banks of the Dambovita River by a shepherd named Bucur, whose name literarily means "joy." His flute playing reportedly dazzled the people and his hearty wine from nearby vineyards endeared him to the local traders, who gave his name to the place.

Interesting facts about Bucharest

  • • Bucharest is the 6th largest capital in the EU.
  • • The city’s Palace of the Parliament is the second-largest building in the world.
  • • Bucharest’s surface transit network, run by Regia Autonoma de Transport Bucuresti, is the fourth-largest in Europe.
  • • Bucharest is twinned with 9 cities around the world. The most important are Beijing, Atlanta, Budapest and Hanover.
  • • Museum of the Romanian Peasant was declared the European Museum of the Year in 1996.
  • • The first omnibus horses were opened in Bucharest in 1840, being among the first cities in Europe that had such means of transport

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